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Unlocking data synergies for agile marketers


Data powered analytics is a critical edge for all strategic areas for consumer focused organizations including Growth Consulting, Data-Driven Product Management, Omnichannel Audience Activation and Consumer Journey Optimization.


Growth Consulting- mine your data to reset short and long term growth trajectory

Marketing Optimizer- Holistic Omnichannel Marketing performance optimization.

Martech Consultation- consultative evaluation and optimization of a privacy-compliant first-party data ecosystem.

We have worked with clients from Health data startups, to a Martech SaaS platforms, M&A due diligence advisories and more.

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Check our blog out for insights and perspectives on all things business - from data-driven product/marketing, porduct management and the eocnomy in general.


Syneractiv is a fast-growing marketing analytics advisory startup that assists marketers and analytics organizations close their analytics knowledge gap in a rapidly evolving tech and privacy landscape. Syneractiv founder, Joy Joseph, has over 2 decades of experience leading analytical research, product, and consulting teams in the Martech space.

Rethinking the role of data

Let’s face it- given the poor performance of most innovations, that new product you are working on doesn’t have the averages in its favor. Less than 3% of new consumer products exceed first-year sales of $50 million (HBR). In a day and age of AI driven product management and marketing, marketers and product managers that place a bet traditional gut-feel product strategy and marketing are more likely to be “explaining” its performance than have it be an accolade on their annual performance review.

We believe there are really only 3 major ingredients to orchestrating a successful data-driven product marketing agenda-

1- a clear alignment between product features and consumer benefits, both functional and emotional- determined by deep need-state and competitive intelligence.

2- a marketing strategy that leverages data to engage your target market with the right message at the right place and time, and

3- a market intelligence apparatus that allows you to course-correct rapidly. Read our articles below on new product innovation and consumer intelligence driven growth strategies for a deeper insight into our consultative approach.  

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