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Syneractiv is a fast-growing marketing analytics advisory startup that assists marketers and analytics organizations close their analytics knowledge gap in a rapidly evolving tech and privacy landscape.

Marketing intelligence is Syneractiv’s raison d'être – our reason for being. Marketing intelligence is not an approach or solution for us. It is an entire philosophy that underpins all aspects of data-driven marketing to inform strategic decision-making. The insights gained from marketing intelligence enable our clients to identify market opportunities, optimize product features, target the right audience, develop effective marketing campaigns and make informed decisions about product development and innovation.

Syneractiv founder, Joy Joseph, has 20+ years experience across marketing analytics, audience & consumer insights and marketing automation. He has deep expertise in predictive analytics spanning CPG, Financial Services, Healthcare/Pharma, Retail and Technology.


As Managing Partner at Syneractiv Joy helps marketing organizations extract greater value from their marketing activities by leveraging data driven marketing strategies. His prior roles included Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Initiative/Healix (IPG Mediabrands), Managing Partner for Data & Analytic Services at WPP/GroupM, Analytical Practice Leader at IRI, Portfolio Manager at WaMu Capital (now JP Morgan), Vice President for Products and Research at Citibank and Product Development at MMA (now IPSOS-MMA).

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