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Syneractiv Marketing Optimizer

Traditional marketing performance measurement is ill-equipped to optimize next generation AI driven omnichannel campaigns. This is primarily because Generative AI’s collision with data-driven omnichannel marketing has resulted in an unprecedented fusion of previously disparate media activation levers.

Omnichannel has created an unpredented convergence across audience, creative and activation that is testing the limits of current performance measurement solutions 

Omnichannel convergence vectors

Omnichannel customer experience is the delivery of outcomes by optimally engaging brand audiences with a seamless and personalized customer experience across levers like creative, channels and publishers. Generative AI’s collision with omnichannel has resulted in an unprecedented fusion across these levers. Contemporary measurement solutions like Test vs Control, Marketing Mix Mdoeling and Multitouch Attribution are ill-equipped to handle these intertwined synergies.

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