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Syneractiv Growth Accelerator

In any applied field analytics or data science are never an end in itself - it is always a means to an end. We don't mine data, we don't even mine insights- data and insights are inputs and "unfinished goods" to our ultimate product- growth.

Growth acceleration is a central focus across all Syneractiv solutions. 

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01- Growth Mapping & OKRs

Discovery & Root Cause Analysis

The discovery phase focuses on establishing a clear alignment on headwinds and underlying causes. Voice of Customer (VOC) Analysis (a.k.a "stakeholder interviews"), Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) and Root Cause analysis of growth barriers are part of this phase to align on the problem and initial hypotheses on Objectives & Key Results (OKR) needed to overcome it.

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02 Audience Prioritization

Once we have established OKRs in place, we embark upon the target audience identification & prioritization process. This starts with Audience Insights, where we mine demographic, psychographic, behavioral and location data to gain a deeper understanding of the actual and potential audiences for your brand.

03 Growth Activation

Phases 1 & 2 of Syneractiv’s Growth Acceleration process identify strategic challenges the brand is facing internally and externally resulting from go-to-market strategy, consumer perception or competitive/industry dynamics as well as audience demand spaces that can propel growth. Phase 3 focuses on optimizing the current marketing plan to deliver on prioritized growth opportunities. This starts with aligning on a measurement framework with marketing KPIs for each OKR combination. 

Metrics can represent interim outcomes, conversion or post-conversion outcomes depending upon what stage of the journey the campaign is intended to activate.

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