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Syneractiv Martech Consulting

First-party data (1PD) is increasingly becoming vital for marketers, allowing them to create more precise audience segments and engage them with relevant and personalized content, thus increasing the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns, leading to better engagement, higher conversion rates, and improved ROI. 

1PD in an omnichannel marketing landscape is not just limited to your CRM data and needs to be harmonized across all of your direct or "owned" customer touchpoints including brand website visitation, social media engagement and other user community data.

Martech stacks or "Marketing Clouds" have become table stakes for managing 1PD storage, integration with partner data for activation, user consent management for privacy compliance and more. We can help you navigate your Martech implementation or optimization project effectively and efficiently.

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Why the excitement around Marketing Clouds now? There are actually 3.
1. Regulatory environment becoming stricter about marketers taking liberties with consumer privacy.
2. An informed consumer less willing to share data for no reason ("the value exchange").
3. Third-party cookies and Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) being phased out by Adtechs.

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